GSA Schedule 70 GS35F115BA & GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0143R CMAS # 3-15-70-3195A & CMAS # 3-15-70-3195B

Trimble Recon - Fully Rugged PDA

The Recon PDA computer adds new capabilities to help you do even more in the field. Available integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g wireless keep you connected. Versatile Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 software runs thousands of applications. Plus, the Recon offers even more Flash memory: 128 MB on the Recon 200X and 256 MB on the Recon 400X.
Compact, lightweight and built tough
The compact Recon weighs just 17 ounces, yet its rugged design delivers reliable performance in the field. The Recon meets rigorous MIL-STD-810F military standard for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures. And with an IP67 rating, it’s impervious to water and dust.
Built-in wireless, plus versatile CompactFlash options
With the Recon, it’s easy to make connections in the field. Bluetooth wireless lets you connect to mobile peripherals without cables, while 802.11g wireless gives you access to local area networks, e-mail and the Internet. What’s more, two CompactFlash (CF) slots let you add GPS, GPRS, digital cameras, bar code scanners and other devices.
Hard working, yet easy to use
The Recon features a high-performance 200 MHz or 400 MHz Intel XScale processor, an improved touchscreen and a new built-in microphone. Its long-life battery works all day without a recharge. And to keep your data safe, the Recon employs robust, custom designed, high-performance NAND Flash. Its Windows Mobile 5.0 software runs all the applications you use most, including your calendar, e-mail and Mobile versions of Word and Excel, plus Power Point. You never want to compromise in your work. With the Recon, you don’t have to.

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The new functionality of the Recon X-Series PDA computer:

  • Windows Mobile® 5.0 operating system
  • Optional integrated Bluetooth
  • Optional integrated 802.11g
  • Increased Flash storage
  • Microphone
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
    Windows Mobile 5.0 supports numerous additional features that improve efficiency and reliability. Comprehensive persistent storage automatically stores all programs and data into the internal Flash storage. This process eliminates the need to perform system backups to prevent data loss in the event of a surprise power loss or reset. Data will remain securely stored in Flash memory. Windows Mobile 5.0 also provides the following features:

  • ActiveSync 4.1
  • Word Mobile
  • Excel Mobile
  • Power Point. Mobile – new in Windows Mobile 5.0!
  • Outlook Mobile
  • Terminal Services Client
  • Voice recorder
  • Image & video viewer
  • Windows Media Player 10.x Mobile
  • Embedded wireless
    The new Recon X-Series PDA computer has the option of integrated Bluetooth and 802.11g – Bluetooth for wirelessly communicating with peripherals and 802.11g for local area network and Internet access. With embedded wireless capability, customers can save the Recon’s two CompactFlash (CF) slots for adding additional capabilities such as a GPS receiver or scanner. While in the field, users can receive dispatch orders or a message that the home office sends to the Recon; they can process the job and then save the data to the Recon or send it back to the office.

    Additional Flash storage means that this new Recon can store more data in memory than ever before. The Recon 400 MHz comes standard with 256 MB of Flash storage and the Recon 200 MHz comes standard with 128 MB.

    The new Recon sports a number of additional enhancements and improved reliability and performance including:

  • Redesigned keypad
  • More robust touchscreen
  • Voice recording microphone
  • Compliancy with RoHS requirements for the European market
  • Additional options
    Customers will have the choice of Bluetooth or both 802.11g and Bluetooth embedded wireless options. The Recon is available in yellow, gray, and green.

    Hardware test Standards

  • IEC 529 - IP Codes
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 500.4 - Low Pressure
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 501.4 - High Temperature
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 502.4 - Low Temperature
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 503.4 - Temperature Shock
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 506.4 - Rain
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 507.4 - Humidity
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 510.4 - Sand and Dust
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 512.4 - Immersion
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 514.5 - Vibration
  • MIL-STD-810F Method 516.5 - Shock
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