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Cradlepoint Ruggedized All-in-One Solution

For organizations that depend on field forces and mobile networks—like first responders, transportation departments, utility crews, insurance disaster teams, and many others—secure and reliable 4G LTE connectivity is essential. Vehicles and mobile command centers have become the field communications hub, allowing users to access mission-critical applications and the Internet from anywhere, and keeping data flowing to the cloud from on-board telemetry, sensors, surveillance cameras, and other devices.

Cradlepoint's Elastic EdgeSM vision provides a blueprint for next-generation mobile networks that deliver pervasive connectivity, cloud-like agility, and software extensibility with enterprise-class visibility, security, and control. All-inclusive NetCloud Solution Packages for Mobile Networks, based on COR Series routers, are flexible, reliable, and cloud-managed.

  • Ruggedized All-in-One Solution

    Ruggedized All-in-One Solution

    Purpose-built to withstand extreme environments, the COR Series replaces multiple "boxes" with a ruggedized, all-in-one mobile network solution that is ideal for in-vehicle and command center installations. Each model supports up to two 4G LTE modems, a multi-port Ethernet switch, 802.11ac WiFi, GPS, and ports for ignition and sensor integration. The Linux-based NetCloud OS software provides advanced routing, SD-WAN for LTE, and security functionality.
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  • Cradlepoint Mobile Solutions are First Responder Ready

    Cradlepoint Mobile Solutions are First Responder Ready

    As public safety and first responder organizations around the country begin to move to public safety wireless networks such as FirstNet®, they can rely on Cradlepoint for their in-vehicle connectivity solutions. A trusted provider of mobile solutions for state and local organizations around the US, Cradlepoint is proud to connect and serve our nation's first responders, giving them reliable and rugged solutions that they can count on.
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  • Mobile SD-WAN

    Cloud-Managed, LTE-Enabled Solutions Protect Uptime & Critical Voter Information

    Government agency leaders and IT departments have many network-related challenges to consider when connecting and securing voter kiosks on election day. With temporary polling places at locations ranging from rural towns to big cities, agencies need flexible, easy-to-deploy Internet access; assurance that voter data is completely protected; and the ability to troubleshoot connectivity and security remotely.
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  • Mobile SD-WAN

    Mobile SD-WAN

    Cradlepoint brings the reliability and efficiency of SD-WAN technology to mobile networking. NetCloud OS optimizes multi-link 4G LTE connectivity and combines application-based visibility, security, and control with dynamic, policy-based traffic steering based on cellular signal strength, throughput, latency, and data plan consumption. Other unique features include Auto-QoS, intelligent selection of carriers and APNs, and the ability to persist application sessions during periods of temporary signal loss.
  • GPS & Telematics Integration

    GPS & Telematics Integration

    Precision GPS and telematics integration enable a wide range of location-based applications, such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), asset tracking with geofencing, and vehicle performance data. With secure data center and cloud connectivity and real-time data, fleet and field managers have a wealth of actionable data at their fingertips to make better-informed decisions—saving time and money while improving business outcomes.
  • Unified Internet Security

    Unified Internet Security

    Many mobile networks require strong Internet security for on-board public WiFi and cloud application access. NetCloud OS integrates Unified Threat Management (UTM) for direct Internet access with multi-zone firewall, IPS/IDS and content filtering, as well as Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 support for public safety and government agencies. Cradlepoint's unified and cloud-managed approach to mobile network security reduces cost and minimizes risks by eliminating extra hardware, increasing visibility and control, and delivering continuous security updates.
  • Connect & Protect Mobile & IoT Devices

    Connect & Protect Mobile & IoT Devices

    Many field forces utilize laptops, tablets, and smartphones that are not always connected to a secure mobile network. Deploying NetCloud Perimeter Client on these devices allows users to access the data center and cloud from any Internet connection over a perimeter-secured and encrypted cloud network. For on-board IoT devices such as sensors, cameras, and digital signage, NetCloud Perimeter Gateway on the router provides secure, persistent device-to-cloud connections that can be set up in minutes and are self-optimizing.
  • Cloud Management Optimized for LTE

    Cloud Management Optimized for LTE

    NetCloud Manager makes it easy to configure, deploy, and manage a mobile network from anywhere with minimal impact on cellular data, thanks to Cradlepoint's efficient Stream management protocol that is optimized for LTE. Additionally, advanced analytics provide comprehensive visibility into cellular, application, and WiFi utilization and security—all from a single web console. Now IT organizations can do more with less resources than ever before.
  • Extensibility Dock

    Extensibility Dock

    Mobile deployments come in all sizes. That is why Cradlepoint offers an Extensibility Dock for the COR IBR900 Series that extends connectivity with a second, modular 4G LTE modem; two Ethernet ports; and programmable, general purpose I/O ports. The Extensibility Dock allows customers to configure the right size solution for each specific deployment, or easily expand a vehicle's capabilities at any time as uptime or connectivity needs change.
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  • Branch Networks

    Branch Networks

    Branch networks are undergoing dramatic change. Cloud applications and IoT devices demand direct Internet access while voice and video traffic is on the rise, and temporary sites, like retail kiosks and portable construction offices, are increasingly common—driving traditional enterprise WANs to their breaking point.
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